Price Range: from $200 to $2,500,000
Land Area Range: from 10 m2 to 1,000 m2
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Commercial Real Estate

If you’re searching for a commercial property for sale, you can browse our wide array of listings to find the perfect deal.

If you’re not looking to buy at the moment, you can also search for a commercial property for rentCommercial property investment is also a popular option for those interested in real estate. 

Commercial real estate is a catch-all phrase that refers to a variety of commercial real estateCommercial real estate, in general, is intended for business usage. Commercial properties can generally be divided as such:

Potentially high costs can be passed on to the tenant, allowing greater returns for the commercial real estate owner.

It should be noted that commercial real estate investment is not typically a beginner endeavour. Not only is there a steeper learning curve, but the higher costs for commercial real estate can be off-putting for new investors. Higher property costs equates to higher entry capital. Deposits are larger, bank loans are harder to secure, and potential losses can be higher too.

Retail Investments

Choose a location with good traffic flow from all directions and an excellent view of the street for optimum exposure. It’s critical to have easy access to ample parking that may be seen and accessed from the road.

Shopping centres with permanent traffic sources, such as supermarkets, are also a good idea.

Look for good lease covenants with lengthy terms in place and long-standing tenants that are ready to renew their leases. Zoning, including the potential for future property expansion, is also worth considering.

It’s also a good idea to search for competition and the amount of unemployed people in the region you’re considering. There is an increased chance of future vacancy if there is a lot of vacant space nearby.

Office Investments

Commercial real estate has long been a popular choice for novice investors. Although commercial properties have all of the inherent advantages that the real estate market offers (steady income stream, tax benefits, long-term financial security, etc.), they still offer a certain degree of volatility, which can result in high profits. Commercial properties are more closely tied to the movements of the wider market, which always needs to be monitored by the investor. The local economy can dictate if your property will be profitable, or take losses.


Industrial Investments

Infill regions and established precincts with nearby amenities such as transport and road connections, infrastructure projects, residential communities, business parks, and shopping malls should guarantee that your investment will have a good chance of filling if it becomes vacant.

Another factor to consider is the availability of full-height roller-door access, as well as suitable heavy vehicle accessibility and the amount of vacant area in the region for a comparable product.


Investors must also ensure that they have adequate local market knowledge after learning and analysing the property market drivers. This knowledge can only come through research, understanding and due diligence.

Even so, make sure you have a buffer to cover costs while you look for a suitable renter. And, to attract that tenant, make sure you invest in a good marketing effort and a local expert commercial property agent. It’s possible that renovating a commercial property will be more expensive than upgrading a home, however the continuing maintenance and upkeep fees are typically lower, depending on the asset’s size and function. When a property is significantly older and the fitout is worn and in need of a substantial renovation or refit, landlords must think about whether it’s worth it.

However, any improvements made by the landlord (non-structural and usually cosmetic in nature) may be required to be repeated by the tenant if a suitable make-good provision is agreed.

There may be more competitors if there are many comparable properties on the market in the same area or large building projects imply that commercial property supply is about to rise.

This may jeopardise the security of your existing tenant, who is being enticed by newer properties or cheaper rents, and make it more difficult to locate a renter that will pay what you require.