Price Range: from $200 to $2,500,000
Land Area Range: from 10 m2 to 1,000 m2
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Tips for Throwing a Garden Party

Focus on Comfort

Comfort should be the foremost concern when throwing a garden party.

For a daytime party, ensure the availability of shade. Offer lavishly large amounts of sunscreen in an easily accessible location, and your visitors will take advantage of it. Dot the tables with citronella candles or lamps for evening gatherings, and provide mosquito repellent liberally.

Even on these chilly nights, have shawls and blankets on hand to drape over shoulders and wrap-around legs. On mild evenings, a patio heater or a fire pit may be used to provide much-needed heat.

Paper fans are handy and beautiful on those steamy, hot mid-summer evenings. Before you set the food out, mist the party area with water to cool it down a bit. There should be plenty of cold water available at all times.

Do Away With Assigned Seating

The freedom to move around during a garden party is one of its pleasures. You aren’t confined to an assigned seat next to someone you despise, which adds to the charm. To promote mingling, take advantage of the liberty.

At a party, hold conversation circles in several spots for people to mingle. Under a shade tree, lay out picnic rugs and beanbags; arrange barstools around a wine barrel for bar-style cocktails; construct benches on either side of a fire pit.

Food served on a buffet table, like buffets at restaurants, is conducive to socializing and getting into different conversation patterns. Set up the menu so that people may help themselves, and you’ll have a fantastic flow going.

Incorporate Indoor Furniture

Create a beautiful tableau with indoor furniture to decorate your garden party. A lovely carpet, comfy sofa, and coffee table are stunning in a lawn setting and provide comfort to your visitors.

Even if your visitors are sitting on picnic rugs, hang a chandelier from a mature shade tree to create the impression of a lounge. For a children’s or teenager’s hangout area, drape a weeping tree in fabric and store beanbags and picnic blankets beneath!

Highlight the Natural Setting

Don’t be too loud in order to appreciate the natural beauty of your garden. The purpose of a garden party is to enjoy the surroundings, so don’t dampen it down. Your décor should draw attention to the garden rather than overpower it.

Use a crisp white linen tablecloth or a vintage lace cloth to cover your table. Avoid using overly thick materials, as well as dark formal colors and dresses. If you want something in the middle of your table, go with fresh flowers or lovely curling branches in a vase.

Using lights to highlight the most attractive features of your yard is a fantastic way to bring attention to them. String fairy lights in the branches of a spreading shade tree, place solar lights in a beautiful garden bed or hang lanterns from a garden arch for lovely illumination.

Simplify the Menu

Finally, keep your party simple enough that you can hang out with your guests and relax. Keep in mind that they came to see you, not dine at a five-star restaurant. If you’re always running in and out of the house to check on meals or get the silver service, you’ll be cranky and irritated.

Prepare to have everything at arm’s length. Set up a station for tossing salads and butter rolls while the meal cooks if it’s a barbecue. For a buffet, create a menu that may be largely pre-prepared and kept in the refrigerator.

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