Price Range: from $200 to $2,500,000
Land Area Range: from 10 m2 to 1,000 m2
Other Features


Tips for Tidying Your House

Write a Checklist

What else do you need to know about the cleaning products and supplies for this home? To keep your property clean, you must understand what tasks need doing and the cleaning materials required to complete each one. What undesirable habits have you developed while attempting to maintain a busy schedule? Only go after one room at a time.

Go Room by Room

Cleaning one room at a time is the most efficient approach to clean your house. You’ll feel more accomplished knowing that every part of the space has been cleaned.

Clear Out Clutter

Spend the time going through your clothes, or any unwanted items donating as many as possible. There are usually clothing donation bins located at your local shopping centres, that are a great (free) place to donate to those less fortunate. 

Work Your Way Down

Start at the very highest point of the room, the ceiling, and work your way down. This way, all dust and debris will settle on the floor, and you are not having to re-clean items.  Do not forget your light fitting and the windows too.

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