Price Range: from $200 to $2,500,000
Land Area Range: from 10 m2 to 1,000 m2
Other Features


What to Ask in a 3D Virtual Inspection

During the intermittent lockdowns, many Australians have been staying at home, and for house purchasers, this means a delay, sometimes indefinitely, in purchasing a property. We’ve compiled a list of questions for potential buyers to consider while conducting online inspections.

1. What is the cost per square meter for each floorplan design?

This is an important piece of information to have in order to compare the property’s value to others in the area and the region you wish to purchase in.

2. How Long Will Construction Take?

The construction plans will be essential information to consider when deciding whether or not to stay in your current home for longer. To reduce the chance of delay, make sure the builder/construction firm is reputable and reliable. Keep in mind that if a coronavirus epidemic occurs, some delays may be unavoidable.

3. Which products are included and which are optional upgrades in the display?

Simply said, double-check with the representative to be sure you don’t get caught off guard and throw out your old washer/dryer because the display suite has one; check with the developer to see what is included in the package.

4. What type of customization do you offer?

Some organizations give a greater degree of customisation, with customisation increasing linearly as the more costly property is. Regardless matter, ask about as many developments as possible to see if they have at least color palettes and fitting choices.

5. Determine the height of the ceiling

For prospective basketball players, as well as everyone else, it’s worth noting ceiling height since this may impact whether the home feels confining or airy regardless of your own stature.

6. Where Does the Sun Shine in the House?

This is significant for light and vista reasons, as well as the opportunity of better views, since some flats will give a superior view than others.

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