Price Range: from $200 to $2,500,000
Land Area Range: from 10 m2 to 1,000 m2
Other Features


Conquering Fear of Selling

It’s a big deal to sell your house both financially and emotionally. So, if you’re feeling nervous and concerned about the idea of doing so, you’re not alone.

Given that we only ever sell a home once every 10 to 15 years, and that this is almost certainly the most important financial decision we will ever make, being afraid of selling makes perfect sense.

Don’t be concerned if you’re worried your house won’t sell; you’re not alone. The prospect of having to put up with the agony of having your home on the market is the number-one worry for most sellers. Especially if you have a specific price in mind so you can move on comfortably and buy your next home.

Many industry experts advocate pricing your property realistically. The fact is that any home will sell for the right price and in the proper condition, provided it is marketed in the correct market. Local market conditions influence this.

So, how do you learn about the local market activity? We mean genuine market activity, the sort of thing you can see on the ground rather than just data that is available online. You also need to have discussions with top local agents in addition to internet research.

Look into other areas to see if they have similar characteristics to yours. Is there any change in the market? Look at the prices of comparable properties to determine whether they are holding steady. If you feel your home may benefit from some TLC, consider it carefully before spending money on renovations.

Once you’ve completed your study, talk to local agents about the sort of activity they’re seeing on the market. Getting two to three market appraisals ahead of time is a good place to start. This gives you an indication of what your home might sell for and any competent agent will offer you advice on how to make improvements to increase the sale price.

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